Height: 5'8"
Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 31.5"
Ins Leg: 31.5"
Collar: 15"
Shoes (UK): 7 UK
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel


  • 2017: performed as a guest in the Royal Family tour in London
  • 2017: trained with Brian Friedman on his online mentor programme ‘THE TALENT COLLECTIVE’ and was chosen as his ‘One To Watch’. Davide will join Brian in New York City during 2018 to work on a top secret project
  • 2017: worked and trained with Sisco Gomez in his programme ‘P:SG’ in London
  • 2018: worked and trained with Dean Lee in his programme ‘THE PROCESS’ at Urdang Academy
  • 2016: worked and trained with Laure Courtellemont in Los Angeles after passing the audition for the show “DARE TO DANCEHALL”, held in Movement Lifestyle studio
  • 2016: flew to Paris and auditioned for the videogame JUST DANCE. and now in the catalogue of JUST DANCE DANCERS
  • 2014-2015-2016: Choreographer for “Dance Olympics” competition, among high schools all over Italy; first place in the national finals in 2015: the choreography was broadcasted on the TV show “Tutti a scuola”, nationwide
  • 2016: trained in Los Angeles with the following teachers and choreographers: Kennis Marquis, Brian Friedman, Tricia Miranda, Sisco Gomez, Jojo Gomez, Kevin Maher, Brandon Dumlao, Andre Fuentes, Amari Marshall, Miguel Zarate, Hamilton Evans, Brooklyn Jai, Josh Williams, Laure Courtellemont, Gerran Reese, Rob Rich, Lashaun Price, Miguel Antonio, Kyle Hanagami. Assisted Brooklyn Jai and Jojo Gomez’s classes at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles