Height: 6'1"
Chest: 39"
Waist: 32"
Ins Leg: 31"
Collar: 17"
Shoes (UK): 7 UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Adidas/Footlocker TV/Underground advert, London – Acting, Modelling and dancing
Moda Fashion Show, Birmingham – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
The Saturday’s Music Video, London – Modelling/Acting in ‘Just Can’t Get Enough‘ music video
Mitre Fashion Show, London – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
New Ford Fiesta UK Tour – Contemporary dance at various UK cities to promote the new Ford Fiesta car
Bolton Fashion Festival, Bolton – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
Polar Workout DVD, London – Modelling/Acting in advert for BodyPolar
Guitar Hero, London – Modelling for European print campaign
Olympic Handover Ceremony, Beijing – Hip-hop/Breakdancing routine at the Beijing Olympics
Hancock Premiere, London – Hip-hop/Breakdancing at Premiere in Leicester square
Croydon Fashion Festival, London – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
Nike Fashion Show, Ireland – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
Speedo Fashion Show, Portugal – Modelling and dancing for fashion show
All Bob’s Women, London – Modelling for poster for a new musical. Can be seen in newspapers, underground posters, theatre signs etc.
Duffy Music Video, London – Performing for ‘Warwick Avenue‘ music video
I am Legend after party, London – Performing/break dancing at the after show party for Will Smith
Russian themed Christmas corporate parties, London – Performing evening shows throughout December for various companies
Formula 1, Bahrain – Break dancing/entertaining at formula 1 racecourse
Private Tuition, London – Teaching children Breakdance techniques in one on one lessons
Rebook Fashion Show, London – Modelling and performing for the 2007 Collection
MTV, London – ‘Bust a Move’ series to be aired in early 2007
Central Bank of Spain, Madrid – Commercial for Obra Social ‘If you want you can’
The International Artiste Ltd, Ireland – Teaching performing arts and Breakdance at workshops for the under 18’s
Adidas Fashion Show, Germany – Modelling and performing for the Spring/Summer 2006 Collection
Lynx ‘Click’ Tour, UK – ‘Click’ promotional tour throughout various UK clubs
Royal Variety Show 2005, Cardiff – An urban dance routine was performed in front of the Queen and live audience as part of the opening sequence for the show
Xbox Commercial, London – Performed urban dance and Breakdance routine for commercial for XBox