Height: 5'5"
Bust: 32"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 40"
Shoes (UK): 5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 8 UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Production and Role                                                                    Director / Choreographer
Denise Pearson – ‘Freak Dance’ – Music Video – Featured Dancer.             Gary Lloyd
‘Female Takeover’ Opening Act for Ciara – Indigo 02 – Ensemble Dancer   Rhimes Lecointe
Celebrity Football Match ‘ Africa vs Carribean’ Half Time Performance       Rhimes Lecointe
Ensemble Dancer
Thriller Live Westend – Lyric Threatre- ‘Children In Need’ BBC                    Gary Lloyd
Ensemble Dancer for – Macy Gray, Stooshe and Joe McElderry.
Thriller Live Westend ‘Westend Live’ 2012                                                   Gary Lloyd
Thriller Live Westend – Lyric Threatre 2012-2013 – Ensemble Dancer.       Gary Lloyd
Coldplay music video ‘Charlie Brown’ -Dancer/Extra                                  Frank Gatson
Magical Bones-‘The Sleight of Dance’ (Lost Threatre)-                                 Ivan Blackstock/
Featured Dancer.                                                                                          Angelina Hjalmarsson.
Beyonce Tribute Act- Backing Dancer                                                          LaurieKay/KaylaLomas
CSE Bahrain Tour- Featured Dancer                                                             Underwraps
CSE Cyprus Tour – Featured Dancer                                                          Underwraps
Inja- March- Music Video- Main Military Girl                                                 Art War Entertainment
High School Mania UK Tour- Ensemble Dancer                                          Dianne Cooke
Chris Moyles Comedy Quiz Night CH4- Spoof with Dappy- Model               HeadNod
CSE Cyprus Tour- Featured Dancer                                                             Underwraps
Move It 2011- RubyGirls Performance- Ensemble Dancer                         Simeon Qsyea
Darey- ‘ The Way You Are,’ Music Video- Ensemble Dancer                      Charlotte Stevens
Private Party Event- Ensemble Dancer                                                      Charlotte Stevens
Freestyle Job- Dancer
Smokey Joes Café – Singer/ Dancer Ensemble                                          Philip Foster/ Julian Reeve
ITV Pilot- Dancer/ Singer Ensemble                                                                Kevin Adams
Lambeth college Flash Mob – Ensemble Dancer                                         Stuart Bishop
UKTV Gold ‘7 Golden Rules Of Comedy’- Advert                                             UKTVGOLD/BBC

Other Experience
Matalan Model – Charity Event
International Dance Connection- Mermaid Threatre- Dancer                        Kash Powel
Dance 2xpress- Beyonce- Run The World- Piece- Dancer                           Kash Powell
Piano Concerto in F – Ensemble Dancer                                                       Alistair David
Into the Woods – ‘Lucinda’                                                                                 Phillip Foster
Let it Rain – Ensemble Dancer                                                                       Matthew Boulton
Starting Here, Starting Now- Ensemble Singer                                             Philip Foster
Audience by Michael Frayn – ‘Bobby’ – Actress                                              Elva Makins
Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens –                                         Philip Foster
(Adapted) ‘Lamar’ –Actress.
Kinder transport by Diane Samuels- ‘Mother’ – Actress                                Elva Makins
Workshops with Lorena Randi from the ‘Micheal Clark’ Company
Workshops with Adam Galbraith from ‘ Matthew Bourne’ Company

Choreographers / Directors worked with:
Rhimes Lecointe, Gary Lloyd, Julien Reeve, Philip Foster, Stuart Bishop, Gareth Walker, Charlotte Stevens, Simeon Qsyea, Lorena Randi, Michelle Queen, Mark Smith, Kevin Adams, Matthew Boulton, Alistair David, Douglas Yolland, Adam Galbraith, Dianne Cooke, Nikki Trow, Ivan Blackstock, Angelin Hjiarsson and Kash Powell.

3 Years at Cambridge Performing Arts, Bodywork Dance Studios. National Diploma in Musical Theatre