Height: 5'6"
Bust: 33.5"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 35.4"
Shoes (UK): 4.5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 6/8 UK
Hair: Dk Brown
Eyes: Dk Blue / Green

Kali is a professional dancer, performer, model, event producer and a Vogue/Ballroom coach. After moving to NY in 2017 to study dance, she has worked with many performers, artists of the music and fashion industry, and has performed in cities like NY, LA, Paris, Vienna and Lisbon. Kali recently worked at Paris Fashion Week 2022 for Christian Louboutin as a dancer and model, performing with Vendredi Sur Mer at The Eiffel Tower. 

As a Voguer in the Ballroom scene (originally from NY), Kali is the founding Mother of the Portuguese Pioneer Kiki House of Musa, has won multiple Grand Prizes in the category of Vogue Femme around Europe, and has organized/produced multiple Balls for the BIPOC queer community

2021 – [Dancer] Irma ‘Mora em Mim’ MV, shot in Lisbon, Portugal
2020 – [Dancer and Model] TOYOTA Commercial, shot in Lisbon, Portugal
2020 – [Dancer] Mandy Capristo ‘13 Schritte’ MV, shot in Porto, Portugal
2019 – [Model] OPPO Commercial, shot in Lisbon, Portugal
2018 – [Dancer] Hatim Hidar ft Prince Anas ‘Yalla Habibi’ MV, shot in Hoboken, NJ. USA
2018 – [Dancer] CLAS ‘Fuschia’ MV, shot in Philadelphia, USA
2018 – [Dancer] Me Too Movement ‘This is Me’, shot in NY, USA 

2022 – [Performer and Runway Model] TROCADES Fashion Show: Convexo L’Étude S/S 23, Lisbon, Portugal
2022 – [Model and Dancer] GIO RODRIGUES: Winter 2022 Collection, shot in Porto, Portugal
2022 – [Model] CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: Spring and Summer 2023 Collection, shot in Paris
2019 – [Model and Dancer] MASKIT: Winter collection 2019, shot in NY, USA

2022 – Paris Fashion Week: “LOUBI SHOW II” for Christian Louboutin, performing with the singer Vendredi Sur Mer at The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
2022 – “Deloitte” at Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal
2022 – KNKY – a Live Fetish Show, Vienna, Austria
2022 Vienna is Burning: EatSlayLove x QueensBrunch “The Happilly Even After Ball – March 2022”, Vienna, Austria
2021 Vitor Hugo Cardinali ‘Circo de Natal’, Lisbon, Portugal
2021 – ‘DRAGTASTE Online Experiences’ and live shows through 2021, Lisbon, Portugal
2019 |F|, Festival Iminente Lisbon, Portugal
2019 – Performed with BARBARA TUCKER the ’Queen of House’ at Ciello, NY, USA
2018 – ‘Retro Factory: 1983’ – Queer Pride Vogue at Plaxall Gallery, NY, USA
2018 – Performed with TT the Artist at Barnard College. NY, USA
2018 – ‘RISE: A Benefit for the Arthritis Foundation’ at Davenport Theater, NY, USA

2019 – Dana Foglia Dance Intensive Course at Movement Lifestyle, LA, USA
2017-19 – Intensive Semester and Open Program at Peridance Capezio Center, NY, USA