Height: 6'0"
Chest: 40"
Waist: 34"
Ins Leg: 31.5"
Collar: 15.5"
Shoes (UK): 10 UK
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown


Party Poker                                               John                             Directed by Carson Black
Power To Connect                                   Husband                      Canon
Alan Carr Summer Promo                    Beach Boy                     Channel 4
Ernst & Young, People Strategy           Boyfriend                      Directed by Steve Bookbinder
Dunhill Passionata                                Getaway Driver             Lemonade Productions  Dir: Kell Mitchell
This Morning                                          Model                             ITV
Kiss, Martini                                           Meze Couple               Lux Monkey
Rio Corporate Video                             Rio Man                       Vodafone
Livewire Book Promo                           Hero                             Novaworks Media
Tesco Mobile, Too Straight                 Rabbit                          Red Brick Road
Street 3D                                                Electrician                    Streetfilm Productions
Testimonial                                            Single Man                   JML
Aussie Uncover Angels                       Aussie Hunk                 1000 Heads
Westbury Hotel Promo                      Mystery Man                Dir: Martha Fiennes
Nokia Viral                                           Trophy Husband          Kemistry
Becks Beer                                           Friend                          Agile Films     Dir: Liam O’Connor
Race For Life                                       Presenter                     Nivea
Analyzer Express, Micro Focus        Presenter                     Micro Focus
Cemetery Junction                             Nightclub Manager     Point Productions, Sony Pictures
Eastenders                                           Pedro                           BBC   Episodes 3854 – 3857
Hot Rods                                              Salsa dancer               KFC, Directed by Ben Sedley
Northern Soul Look                            Dancer/Model             ASOS
Let’s Get Physical                                Aerobics Instructor       Colleen Nolan Fitness DVD, Chor: Deanne Berry
Bacardi Arte De Cocteles                    Mojito Man                  Bacardi
It’s My Time video                               Paparazzi                       Jade Ewen, Polydor
Sony Handycam Online                      Holiday maker              Big Kid Productions
Lynx                                                       Prince Charming            Directed by William R.D McGregor
We Walk video                                     Dancer                              Ting Tings, Draw Pictures
VH1 Christmas promo                        Bass Guitarist               MTV UK
Rimmel                                                  Gallery Worker             J.Walter Thompson
Prince Of Persia                                  Garsiv Guard                Dagger Of Time Ltd
Logies – The Chaser                            Call Reporter               Featured Segment, Channel 9
Will Young                                            Salsa Dancer               Doll Collective
Nala Damayanthi                                 Dancer                         Cine Oz
Get The Music On video                     Dancer                         Sophie Monk
Allen’s Lollies TVC                              Tug a War Guy            Window Productions
Matrix III                                              Agent Smith Clone      Matrix 2 Pty Ltd

Suzuki                                                  Model                          RAH Productions
Barbour                                                Model                          Big Chief
Girls Day Out                                       Dancer                         RAH Productions
Bridal Show, Wimpole Estate            Choreographer          XS Productions
Marks & Spencer                                  Model                          Times Two/Debbie Astell
Westfield Fashion Shows                   Choreographer           XS Productions
British Bridal Show                              Model                          Claire Barker
Fashion Shows                                       Model                          Catwalk Production, Chor: Steve Wright
Westfield Fashion Shows                     Model                          XS Productions, Chor: Nathan Clarke, Rob Garrad
Corporate Clothes Show                      Model                          Times Two Productions
Bridal Show                                            Model                          Claire Barker
London Edge                                          Model                          RAH
Royal Variety                                          Dancer                         Take That, Chor: Kim Gavin
Autumn/Winter Collection                 Model                          Berghaus
Marks & Spencer                                  Model                          Times Two/Debbie Astell
London Edge                                         Model                          RAH
Bridal Show                                           Model                          Claire Barker
Race For Life                                         Presenter                     Cancer Research UK
Westfield Fashion Shows                     Model                    XS Productions, Chor: Natalie Smith, Nathan Clarke, Rob Garrad
Whitney Houston ‘Million Dollar Bill’    Dancer                   X Factor, ITV, Chor: Jerry Slaughter
Alexandra Burke ‘Bad Boys’                 Dancer                        X Factor, ITV, Chor: Frank Gatson
Autumn/Winter Collection                 Model                          Berghaus
The Players                                             Dancer                         Chor: Paul Swaby
Globe Girls                                              Dancer                         Chor: Craig Whymark
Ready For Romance                             Dancer                         Macleans
X Factor                                                 Backing Vocalist          Rhydian Roberts, ITV
Stateless Season Launch                    Model                          China White & Kingly Bar
Industry Launch                                   Singer                          SWC, City Live
Fair Day                                                 Singer                            SWC, Victoria Park
CD Launch                                            Choreographer             Ray Isaac, Arq Nightclub
Westfield Fashion Shows                   Model/Dancer              Westfield Pty Ltd
CD Showcase                                        Choreographer             Robby Antonio, Seymour Centre
Cosi                                                         Actor                             Opera Australia
Cunning Little Vixens                          Actor                            Opera Australia
Pony Apparel Launch                          Dancer/Model              World Brands Management
Sydney Hair Expo                                Model                              Matrix, Convention Centre
IHS Creative Team Showcase            Model                             City Live
Bacardi & Lion Launch                        Dancer                         Fox Studios Australia
Hearts & Diamonds                              Guard                          Sunset Theatre

Grand Marnier                                     Model                          Photographer: Elaine Constantine
Tesco Christmas Campaign               Model                          Photographer: John Terroni
NatWest                                                 Model                          Photographer: Joe Giacomet
Zugo, Now Magazine                           Model                          Photographer: Peter Pedonomou
Intel Calendar                                      Model                          Photographer: Sven Arnstein
Timberland Catalogue                         Model                          Timberland
Last                                  Model                          Photographer: Heather Favell
Business In Green                                Model                          OJO Images
HIV Campaign                                     Model                          Photographer: Claire Jessica Weait 2011 London Olympic
Merchandise                                         Model                          Photographer: Emma Cattell
Magic Streetwear Online                    Model                          Catalogue & Catwalk
Wall St Journal                                     Model                          Photographer: Patrice de Villiers
Macmillan Education                          Model                          Macmillan
Carillon                                                   Model                          Carillon
Sigma Tau                                              Model                          Creative Leap
Johnnie Walker                                    Model                          Orchard, Photographer: Thomas Stoddart
Milk & Honey                                       Model                          Photographers: Rob Daly & Chris Newtown
AXA Insurance                                     Model                          Photographer: Thom Atkinson
MINI Italy, ‘Minimilism’                    Model                          Photographer: Lorenzo Vitturi
HSBC ‘Advance’                                  Model                          JWT, Photographer: Robert Wilson
Snobb Magazine                                 Model                          Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Photographer: Stuart Hall
HSBC   ‘Rewards’                                Model                          141 Worldwide, Photographer: Adam Hinton
Microsoft – See Them On Windows   Model                       Big Balls Productions
Protective By Nature Campaign           Model                        SPMSD Pharmaceutical
Vogue Best of British with                    Model                          Vogue UK
Kate Moss & Stella Tennant                                                    Photographer: Mario Testino
Vodafone                                                  Model                          J.Walter Thompson

2006 – 2007 Screenwise
2003 – 2005 On Camera Connections – Acting on camera – John Noble
2002 – 2003 Brent Street School of Performing Arts Certificate IV Performing Arts

Singing, Jazz, Drama, Modern

Kelley Abbey, Jane Beckett, Michael Boyd, Jason Coleman, Margi De Ferranti, Roy Dudley, Matt Lee, Simon Lind, David McLeod, Cameron Mitchell, Tracey Morley, Linda Nagle, John Noble, Troy Phillips, Mark Williams.