Height: 5'10"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 28"
Hips: 38"
Shoes (UK): 6.5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 10 UK
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown


‘Astoria’, Queen Elenora (Principle) Lukas McFarlane/UnTitled Company
’The Suffocating Truth’, Fear (Principle) Lukas McFarlane/UnTitled Company
‘Exposed’ Storyteller (Principle) Lukas McFarlane/UnTitled Company
‘Welcome To The Grand’ Shirley MacLaine (Principle) James Harris/Jazz House Theatre
‘Nico’, ’Parallel Lives’, ‘Angel’ Dancer/Asst.Choreographer Paul Stafford/ALFAPARF Milano
‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’ Jules (Principle) Lee Hedges/UnCorked Theatre
‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’ Stella (Principle) Lee Hedges/UnCorked Theatre
XXI International Dance Seminar Brazil Dancer (Principle) Monica Proenca/Lamondance Company

Jack Whitehall Christmas Special Dancer (Ensemble) Richard Van’t Riet/Netflix
‘Generate Uh-Huh’ Short Film Dancer (Principle) Stuart Winter/Tracing Movement
‘The Voice UK’ Season 8 Live Final Dancer (Feature) Jerry Reeve/ITV Hub
‘Got To Dance’ Season 5 Semifinalist Dancer (Principle) Adam Garcia/Sky 1
Package Deal (Eps. 103) Dancer (Ensemble) Adam Weissman/Thunderbird Films
Warehouse 13 (Eps. 506) Dancer (Ensemble) Jack Kenny/GEP Productions
2010 Vancouver Olympics w/ Michael Buble Dancer (Ensemble) Jean Grand-Maître/NBC Television
Grey Cup Half Time Show w/ Nelly Furtado Dancer (Ensemble) Kelli Clark/CBC Television
Grey Cup Half Time Show w/ Lenny Kravitz Dancer (Ensemble) Kelli Clark/CBC Television
The Times Of India Film Awards Dancer (Ensemble) Elizabeth Tookey/The Times Group

Ikea ‘Ghosts’ Dancer (Ensemble) Supple Nam/Dougal Wilson
Equinox Fitness Dancer (Ensemble) Jerry Reeve/Equinox TV & Film

UnTitled Dance Company (Lukas McFarlane)
Jazz House Theatre (Manning & Harris)
Tracing Movement (Stuart Winter)
Lamondance Company (Monica Proenca)
Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre, Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Hip Hop
Lisa Olsworth-Peter, Shannon Holmes, Sarah Jaysmith
Impulse Acting (Scott Williams)
Instinctual Acting (Michael Duvall)
ACT2 (Nadine Wright)