Height: 5'3"
Bust: 32"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 31"
Shoes (UK): 5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 8-10 UK
Hair: Brown / Red
Eyes: Blue
Cyr Wheel
Inline Skating
Qualified Rescue Diver (scuba)
Acrobatic Bungee
Scuba Diving
Stunt Work
Hip Hop


YEAR            PRODUCTION      ROLE                      COMPANY                                DIRECTOR               VENUES

2012             ID                             Dancer                                    Cirque Eloize/                           Jeannot Painchaud   International Touring; Mexico                                                                                                    Cirque Du Soleil                                                       Paris
2011             La Gara                  Dancer/ Stunt woman     Oddpost/ Underwraps            Ruth Trantor            Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi)
2011             Be the Boss           Dancer                                    Floorgangz/Spearfish            Ben Reed                  Eurocultured Theatre, Turku,                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Finland)
2011             Heaven                  Dancer                                    Rennie Harris                            Rennie Harris          Perelman Theatre, Kimmel                                                                                           Puremovement (RHPM)                                       Centre (Philadelphia)
2010             When the Sky     Dancer                                    Decadancetheatre NY           Jennifer Weber      Joyce SoHo (New York)                                Breaks  Jacobs Pillow Festival                                                                                                                                                                                      (Massachusetts)
2010             Romeo &Juliet     Juliet                                         BBoys Attic/ BBC                      Marso Riviere/       Royal Albert Hall (London)                          BBC Proms              Dancer/Actress                                                                         Toby Wilsher
2010             Project3sixty          Dancer                                   Cirque Bijou                               Julian Bracey           Bolton (Manchester)
2009-2010 The Cage                 Dancer/Actress                   Decandancetheatre NY         Jennifer Weber      Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco),  Joyce SoHo (New York),  Jacobs Pillow Festival, (Massachusetts),  Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, (London), Mount Holyoke (Massachusetts)
2009-2010   Loved Up                Dancer/Actress/                 Upswing Aerial                    Victoria Amedume Cherbourg (France)                                          Aerialist             National Theatre (London), Clonmel (Ireland),  East London Dance (Stratford), Fuse Medway Festival (Rochester)
2009             The City                    Dancer                                   Decadancetheatre NY           Jennifer Weber      City Centre (New York)                                 Breathing
2009             Routes                       Dancer/Actress                  Hype Dance Company          Anna Olejnicki        Lawrence Batley Theatre, (Huddersfield), Little Theatre (Doncaster), Dearne Playhouse (Dearne), Lincoln Drill Hall (Lincoln) Seven Leeds (Leeds)

TV, Film, Commercial

YEAR                         PRODUCTION                                ROLE                                                      COMPANY                                DIRECTOR
2012                          NBA                                                     Dancer                                                   Decadancetheatre                  Jennifer Weber                                          (Miami Heat vs Hornets)
2011                          StreetDance 2 3D                           Champion French Crew                    Vertigo Films                            Max and Dania                                          Movie                                                Contenders (BIRDGANG)                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dancer/Actress
2011                          You Need Me (Ed Sheeran)       Dancer                                                    Pulse Films Limited                 Emil Nava                                                    Music Video
2011                          Screw Loose (Anusha)                  Dancer                                                   Desi Hits Inc                              Matt Cronin                                                 Viral Advert
2011                          Red Bull BC One Meets Ceili     Dancer                                                     Red Bull                                       Martin Gaughan                                        Viral Advert
2011                          Red Bull BC One Belfast                Dancer                                                   Red Bull                                       Martin Gaughan                                        Televised Stage Show
2011                          BASA                                                  Dancer                                                   Sony Entertainment               BASA                                                             TV Awards Ceremony                                                                                   Television and BASA
2011                          So You Think You Can Dance   Dancer                                                    BBC and Red Bee                     Howard Greenhalgh                                 TV Advert
2010                          Butlins’ Viral                                     Dancer/Actress                                   Physical Productions              Jon Perry                                                      Viral Advert
2010                          Blue Peter                                         Dancer/Actress                                   BBC                                               BBC                                                                 TV
2009                          Young Forever (Jay-Z)                  Dancer/Actress                                   Jay-Z music Video                                     Anthony Mandler                   Music Video


2005-2008 Presented a Primetime Radio show, The Funky Mix, on RAW (Radio Warwick)                                

Experience also includes dancing at venues across the UK for Puma, Butlins, Gio Goi, and for spearfish in nightclubs in Manchester. Also performs regularly as a speciality act within The Box; the exclusive Burlesque Club in Soho, London. Also experienced within teaching workshops and masterclasses in arts venues, schools and festivals all around the country as a freelance breakdance instructor, choreographer and dance theatre specialist.

Nadia competes internationally in breakdance with the crew Floorgangz worldwide, and has travelled extensively battling and jamming in the past five years.

Nadia is currently a member of BirdGang Dance Company.

Training:                  2005-2008 University of Warwick: BA (Hons.) Theatre and Performance 2:1

                                    2007-2008 Improvisation taught by Timothy Lone, and Jennifer Markowitz

2000-2005 Acting classes and LAMDA examinations in Verse and Prose: Italia Conti

Workshops Attended: Junior Jones, DV8, Max Stafford-Clark and Frantic Assembly, Aerial with Vicki Amedume, Partner Acrobalance with Mimbre.