Height: 5'3"
Bust: 33"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 34"
Shoes (UK): 4 UK
Dress Size (UK): 6 UK
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue Grey
Bone breaking
Hip Hop
Musical Theatre
Violin (basic)
Piano (basic)
Guitar (basic)


Gianna Gi is a young performing artist from Brisbane, Australia.

Starting dance at 5 years of age she has trained in numerous styles, now focusing on Contemporary, Jazz and Urban Dance. Graduating from the selective school Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (majoring in Theatre and Fine Arts) in 2012, she has a rich experience in acting, music (voice), performance and creative devising both in Brisbane and Internationally. Despite her young age, Gianna has made a name for herself within the Australian dance community, performing and teaching for Brisbane’s leading dance companies and artists such as Mad Dance House and Raw Dance Company. Following her love for dance Gianna made the decision to go to Paris for three months in 2013, where she trained and developed her unique style and whereupon she returned in 2014 to become the first Australian to compete in the finals of world-renown street dance competition Juste Debout at Paris Stadium Bercy in the Experimental Section. Subsequently, she has continued to stay in the UK to further pursue her interests. She has been featured in all kinds of work ranging from music videos to live theatre shows performed in ten-meter tall structures at national festivals. Gianna has a keen interest in interdisciplinary art and is passionate about work that is creative, innovative and original – she will strive for this, always, in her dance and artistic projects.

2014 Juste Debout Final – Experimental Paris Bercy – Finalist Dancer (First Australian)
2014 TED X – Kulrupa (Bust A Move Dance) – Facilitator/Performer
2013/14 Woodford Folk Festival ‘Interludes’ Alex Podger – Actor/Dancer/Creative
2013 Liesal Zinc (Residency Development), Metro Arts – Dancer
2013 Zenith Crew ‘Z-Girl’, MDH Hype Night – Dancer
2013 ISI 2013 for University of Queensland – Soloist
2013 Onstage entertainment for Raw Dance Company – Dancer
2013 Versace Hotel, Gold Coast (Raw Dance Company) – Dancer
2012 Muse Festival ‘How To Breathe Underwater’ – Actor/Dancer/Creative
2012 ‘Brisbane Dance Industry Night’ Soloist Dancer (representing MDH)
2012 ‘Brisbane Solo Dance Competition’ – Dancer (second place)
2012 Simon Tate Mire’ – Butoh Dancer/ Assistant Choreographer
2011 Stephen Matthias ‘Drowning Ophelia’ (Brisbane/Singapore) Actor
2010 ‘You’re the Voice’ QACI with Queensland Youth Orchestra – Singer

2013 The Inbetweeners Movie Damon Beesley/Iain Morris – Extra
2014 Pigeon ‘Two Moon Love’ Music Video, Miki Clarke – Lead
2012 ‘Bright Like Vanya’ Chavi Brennan (nom. Flicker Fest 2013) – Lead
2012 Armed and Dangerous’ Rise at Night Music Video – Dancer
2012 Triple Threat’ Lizzie Wicks – Dancer
2011 The Motto’ Lizzie Wicks – Dancer
2012 ‘To Claire; From Sonny’ Josh Beattie – Actor


2013/14 Street Dreams (Dance Program for Kids in lower socio-economic areas) – Urban Dance Teacher
2013 /14 Mad Dance House – House Dance and Fusion styles teacher
2013 Elements Collective – House Dance Teacher
2012/14 Bust A Move Dance (Dance Program for People with Disabilities)
– Hip Hop Teacher


2013 Harmonique Dance Centre (Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet) – Paris
2013 O’Trip Dance House (Hip Hop and House) – Paris
2013 Heartpoint Studios (Modern Jazz) – Paris
2011 Advanced 1 Ballet Examination (with Honours)
2011 to 2014 Wendy Wallace (contemporary)
2011 to 2013 Micheal Edge (Jazz and Commercial)
2011 to 2012 Lizzie Wicks (Hip Hop/Choreography)
2012 to 2014 Flava Cats Crew (Breakdance)
2012 Meisner Training – Jamie Cable/Simon Tate
2011 ‘Joy of Loss’ David Sudmalis / Queensland Academy for Creative Industries
2010 to 1012 Queensland Academy for Creative Industries: Theatre Higher Level and Fine Arts Higher Level – Graduated with IB 37 / OP 2
2010 Ministry of Dance (Melbourne) – Workshop Scholarship
2006 to 2012– Chrissy Bowden – Singing/Voice Lessons
2001 to 2012 All That Dance (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics)