Height: 5'7"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 35"
Shoes (UK): 5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 8 UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Commercial Dance
Ballet / Jazz Partnering
Magic Quick Change
Clean Drivers License

Commercials/Virals: commercial (Crazy Date), May 11.
Nike iPhone App Viral, Dec 10.                                                                                Ian Bonhote
Cheesestring ‘Shake’ Commercial (Beautiful Girl), July 10.                                         Jim Gilchrist
MacDonald’s Commercial (Twirl Girl), June 10.                                                               Conerco
Sony Ericsson Xperia World Cup Ident, June 10.                                                Jess Scott-Hunter
Roots Viral, June 10.
Elnett Viral, May 10.                                                                                                       Lauren Pushkin
SanDisk Viral, May 10.                                                                             Rob Toay/Franco Farrell
Stella Artois Viral, May 10.                                                            Agustine Alberdi/Amber Doyle
Cadbury’s Flake Test Commercial. April 10.                                                           Baillie Walsh
Oral B Test Commercial (UK) April 10.                                                                       Jon Hollis
Orion Chocolate (Czech Republic/Slovakia) March 10.                                                       Robert Golden
BBC Elections Ident. March 10.
Brit Awards 2010 Commercial, Jan 10.                                         Adrian Headley&Tom Williams
Lynx Twist Viral, Dancer, Dec 09.                                                                     /James Robinson
Sky 1 Ident, Nov 09.                                                                              Jonathan Yeo/Adrian Gas
Head and Shoulders TVC, Internet and PR, Oct 09.                           Pedro Romhanyi/Litza Bixler
Ministry of Sound Commercial, Oct 09.                                                         Michelle Du Verney
Sony Ericcson Phone Viral, Sept 09.                                                                      Chris Sweeney
365 Bingo Commercial. Dancer, July 09.                                                 Chris Gaffey/Glenn Ball
KFC Commercial, Featured. May 09.                                                                               Jess Scott-Hunter
Peugeot 107 Commercial, Featured. Feb 09.                                                              Tudor Payne
Talk Talk Commercial, Nov 2008.                                                                           Litza Bixler
Train To Gain Commercial, Dancer, Oct 2008.                                                                        Jack Hughes
Will Young, “Let It Go” T.V Commercial. Featured. Sept 2008.                          Jess Scott-Hunter
Featured Lead. Arstil Furniture (Turkey), Mar 2008.                         Kivanc Baruonu/Glenn Ball
Ford Fiesta Viral, Dancer, Feb 2008.
McCain’s Chips Commercial, Milk Maid, Featured. Jan 2008.                            John Lloyd/Ashley Wallen
Sony Playstation, Singstar Pop Hits Commercial, Mar 2007.
Sainsbury’s Spice Commercial, Can Can Dancer, Xmas 2006.                                               Fran Jaynes

Born 2 Shine, ITV. Resident Dancer. Jul/Aug 2011.                                                    Paul Roberts
Britain’s Got Talent, ITV. Resident Dancer. June 2011.                                Paul Roberts/David Leighton
Mylene Farmer ‘Oui Mais Non’ NRJ Awards 2010, Cannes                                   David Leighton
Rihanna ‘What’s My Name’ X Factor final 2010.                                                     Tina Landon
The Hurts, ‘Wonderful Life’ German X Factor/Mario Barth Show/
Barcelona ONDAS Awards/Finnish Idol/Rob Brydon Show. 2010-11.                         Paul Roberts
Boyzone, Love Is A Hurricane, This Morning ITV, Mar 10.                                     Paul Roberts
Boyzone, A Tribute to Stephen Gately. BBC1, Mar 10.                                                         Paul Roberts
Paul O’Grady Dancer, Nov/Dec 09.                                                                      Natricia Bernard
Doctor Who, Stone Angel, Series 5, July/Aug 2009.                                     Adam Smith/Ailsa Berk
Sophie Ellis Bextor, ‘Heartbreak’, Dancer. National Lottery, Totally Saturday,                 David Leighton
Scottish Style Awards, May-November 09.
Sugababes and Patti Labelle. Dancer, Swarovski Fashion Rocks Albert Hall, Oct 2007. Paulette Minot
Enrique Inglesias, Dancer, Eurovision Come Dancing Aug 2007, BBC 1.                               Paul Roberts
‘The Bill’ Extravaganza- Children in Need. Sept 2008.                                                          Paul Domaine
Camilla Dallerup Fitness DVD. “Dance Off The Inches”. June 2008.                         Steve Kemsley

‘Giddy Kipper’. Dream sequence Dancer, November 10.           Victoria Wood/Sammy Murray-Brown
‘One Day’. Nightclub Dancer. Aug 10.                                                              Lone Scherfig/Fran Jaynes
‘Captain America’. Ensemble Dancer. Aug/Sept 10.                               Joe Johnston/Quinny Sacks
‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Ensemble Dancer, May 09.                                     Rob Letterman/Fran Jaynes
‘Alice In Wonderland’, Ensemble Dancer. Sept 2008.                                            Tim Burton/Fran Jaynes
‘Sweeney Todd’, Ensemble Dancer. Feb 2007.                                                        Tim Burton/Fran Jaynes

Photographic:                                                                                          Photographer/Director
NEC Computer screens, May 11.
JJB Sport Catalogue Shoot, Dec 10.                                                                                John Craig
Mantis Catalogue&Website Shoot, Sept 10.                                                            Timur Celikdag
Visa Shoot, August 10.
Goddiva Website Soot, August 10.
Esporta Gyms Shoot, August 10.                                                                                  Tony Harris
Citroen Berlingo Shoot. July 10.                                                                                Spiros Politis
Daily Mail Swimwear Editorial, (Petite Model) July 10.                                                Lezli&Rose
‘Beautiful Malice’ Malice Book Cover, July 10.                                                          Simon Vinall
Prima Baby Magazine Cover, June 10.                                                                                      Paul Buller
Jacobs Stock Library Shoot, May 10.                                                                            Dave Jacobs
Johnny Walker Whiskey Monaco Orchard Shoot, MaClaren team, May 10.             Tom Stoddart
Chat Magazine Cover. April&August 10.
Image Source ‘Celebration Beauty’ Library Shoot. March 10.                       Emma Innocenti/Tanya Lefevre
Vipnet Telecommunications (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia), March 10.                                    Peter Beavis
Mind, Body and Soul Aveda E Magazine, Feb 10.                                                        Jonathan Ford
HSBC, Feb 10.                                                                                                            Robert Wilson
Kia Cars, Feb 10.                                                                                                       Seamus Ryan
Simply Beach (Swimwear and Fitness) Feb 10.                                                                              Jim Keary
Marmalade Cashmere Jan 10.                                                                                                 Megan Taylor
Sony Ericcson Ireland, Nov 09.
Getty Nightclub Library Shoot, Dec 09.                                                  Michael Bann/Guy Merrill
Milk And Honey Library Shoot, Oct 09.                                              Roy McMahon/Camille Etan
Image Source ‘Colour Beauty’ Library Shoot, Sept 09.                                       Billie Scheepers/Jean Balke
Oliver Brown Catalogue A/W 09.                                                                               Khaled Kassem
Marjan Catalogue S/S 08. A/W 09.                                                              David Llewellyn Griffiths
Blue Poppy Couture Catalogue S/S 06, A/W 06.

Music Videos:                                                                                                  Director/Choreographer
Scott Anson, Dec 10.                                                                                       Ian Bonhote/David Leighton
Tinie Tempah, ‘Frisky’. May 10.                                                           Tim Brown/David Leighton
Sophie Ellis Bextor, ‘Bittersweet’ March 10.                                      Chris Sweeney/David Leighton
Goldfrapp, ‘Rocket’ Jan 10.                                                              Kim Gehrig/Stephen Hoggett
Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ‘Relax’, Sept 09.                                              Ben Peters/Michelle Du Verney
Mika, ‘Blame It On The Girls’, Sept 09.                                                           Nevs/Alex Reynolds
Star Pilots, ‘In The Heat Of The Night’, April 09.                                             MOS/Paul Roberts
Alex Kogan, March 09.                                                                              Sean Ellis/Lucy Pankhurst
Frank Musik, ‘Better Off As Two’. Feb 09.                                                    Tim Pope/Annie Lok
Boyzone, ‘Love You Anyway’. Aug 2008.                                                                JT/Paul Roberts
Bryn Christopher, ‘Smilin’. June 2008.                                            Sam Brown/Michelle Du Verney
Freemasons, ‘When You Touch Me’. May 2008.                                           Emma/David Leighton
Annie, ‘I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me’. Apr 2008.                                                         David Leighton
Duffy, ‘Mercy’. (American Video). Feb 2008.                                                                            Adria Petty
Utah Saints, ‘Something Good 08’. Jan 2008.                                                         Rani Creevy/Kate Prince
Sir Paul McCartney, ‘Ever Present Past’. July 2007.                                                Phil Griffin/Paul Roberts
The Freaks, ‘Creeps’. June 2007.                                                                              Marcus Adams
Rumblestrips, ‘Girls and Boys’. June 2007.                                                                 Diamond Dogs
Martin Ten Velden Feat. Luciana, ‘I Wish You Would’. Apr 2007.                           David Leighton
Richard Grey, ‘Warped Bass’. 2007.                                                             Phil Griffin/Paul Roberts

QA Training Film&Website, Jan 10.
GHD Hair Show, Italy&U.K, October 10.                                                                 Aicha McKenzie
L’Oreal Brown Sugar Show, Grand Finale Ireland. May 10.                                        Gareth Walker
L’Oreal Zeba Show, Grand Finale Ireland. May 11.                                                     Gareth Walker
Sky Sports T20 Cricket Finals, Birmingham/Manchester, Aug 09.                      Michelle Du Verney
Freemasons Album Launch, ‘Shakedown2’, Heaven, London. July 09                                     David Leighton
Ford, Magic Quick Change, Geneva, Beijing, Madrid, London,                                               Paul Domaine
Bangkok, Puerto Rico, Seoul Motorshows 2008-2011.
Ford, Frankfurt Motorshow 2007.                                                                                Paul Domaine

Dance Captain, Cinderella Panto, Woking, 2006/07.                                    Bonnie Lithgow/David Leighton
Tap Workshopping, Billy Elliott the Musical. July/Aug 2006.                                                 Peter Darling

London Studio Centre, Jazz Company, BA (Hons) Theatre Dance. Vic Ray Tap Shield. (2003-2006).
RADA Contemporary Drama Short Course, August 2007.