Height: 5'8"
Chest: 37"
Waist: 30"
Ins Leg: 34"
Collar: 15"
Shoes (UK): 9 UK
Hair: Black (shaven)
Eyes: Brown
Hip Hop
Accents: Cockney, Essex, London, Jamaican, Standard American, RP
Basic Gymnastics (backflip etc)
Singer: Tenor


2014       Stage                                      Dancer   The Brit Awards – Ellie Goulding                           Choreographer – Adrian Wiltshire/Fatima Robinson
2014       Flash Mob                               Dancer   The Dance Mob – Craig David/Alexandra Burke   Choreographer – Francesca MacDuff-Varley
2013       Stage                                     Dancer     Sinitta Tour                                                           Choreographer – Caroline Fenne
2013       Flash Mob                               Dancer   The Harrods Summer Sale                                   Choreographer –Jono Kitchens
2013       Flash Mob                               Dancer   Eggs for Soldiers
2012       Internet Viral/Commercial     Actor       Defiance (Trion)                                               Director – Joe Tunmer
2012       Internet Viral/Commercial     Dancer     Carphone Warehouse                                        Helimax Films
2012        Flash Mob                               Dancer    Twice As Epic (Gary Linekar Ident)                    Choreographer – Lindsey Eaton
2012       Television                               Dancer     You Cannot Be Serious! (Avalon Television Ltd) Director – Paul Wheeler
2012       Film                                         Dancer     Bollywood (Ek Tha Tiger)                                    Director – Kabir Kahn
2011        Cruise Ship                           Dancer     P&O, Grayboy Entertainment                           Choreographer – Amanda Talbot
2011         Stage                                     Dancer     Live and Unsigned. 02 Arena                              Choreographer-Farouk Bhimji
2011       Film                                       Dancer     Rules of Love, bbc                                              Director -Ben Gosling-Fuller
2011         Workshop                               Dancer     Songs Of Freedom                                            Choreographer – Javier de Frutos
2010       Internet Viral/Commercial     Dancer     Samsung Electronics (The Viral Factory)            Choreographer – Michael Voss
2009     UK Tour                                   Dancer     Cacophony (The Generating Company)              Choreographer – Lucie Pankhurst
2009       Commercial                           Dancer   Pot Noodle (Hammer & Tongs)                           Director -Garth Jennings
2008       Stage                                     Dancer    Sleeping Beauty (First Family Entertainment)      Director -Tony Cownie
2006       Stage                                     Dancer     Peter Pan (Pantoni Pantomime)                         Director – David Lee
2005       Stage                                     Dancer    Beauty and the Beast (Paul Holman Associates)  Director -Debbie Flit croft

Colin’s Performing Arts Ltd (3 Year Musical Theatre Dipolma)