Height: 6'1"
Chest: 40"
Waist: 34"
Ins Leg: 34"
Collar: 16"
Shoes (UK): 9 UK
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


«Le Vatoo», La Française des Jeux (Tunisia) L’Oréal, next to Kate Moss (Paris)

Music Promos
2008 Locking4Life’s promotion videos (Artistic Director/Actor)
2007 Anita Tijoux, «Despa Bilate»
2005 Madonna, «Sorry» (USA), also featuring dancers of the group “Rize” (film made by David Lachapelle)
2004 Nichols, «Time to Zouk»
2003 Willy Denzey, «Le Mur du son», «Number One»
1997 Delavoix, «Rien ne vaut la vie»
1996 Rico, «On s’la donne»
Kevin Williams, «La couleur du temps»

Television/promotion for artists
Davinia (France)
Maya, «TheTamperer» (France, Great Britain) Willy Denzey (France)
Down Low, «Vision of Life»
Tribal Jam
Tyrese (USA), artistic coodinator (Gabon, Africa)

Cinéma / Movies / DVD
2005 «Brice de Nice», film made by James Huth (France)
«Obsessive funk» (documentary-film about Locking, France), actor and screenwriter, (worldwide)
«Une journée avec le clan» (documentary-film about Hip-Hop culture), director and screenwriter, (France)
Funkshway (Shabba-Doo’s choregrapher assistant, USA)
Hip-Hop Dance School (DVD, 15 000 ex. sold), host/teacher (worldwide)

Fashion Shows
«Street Wear»/Adidas (France)
Agnès B (France)
Louis Vuitton (Europe, China, Japan)
RP55/Jeans and Co (USA)
El Pachuco (USA)

«Over Dream»/Salon du prêt-à-porter (Paris)
DVD Tribal Gear (USA), «Beyond the Four», «Collective»

2004 Third Locking world champion title (Freestyle Session, Los Angeles)
2003 Second Locking world champion title (Bboy Summit, Los Angeles)
Winner of the “Juste debout” biggest European top dance contest (Paris)
2001 First Locking world champion title, (Bboy Summit, Los Angeles, Etats-Unis)

Choreographies / Shows
2007 Artistic Director of the «It’s a girl thing» show (Malaisia)
Choregrapher of Anna Tee World Wide Tour (Malaisia)
2005 «L’Affaire Locky Lockiano» (choreographies and artistic direction) (Worldwide)
1997-2000 Creates shows for the following brands : Gemey, Alcatel,
UUNet/World Com, Kinnarps, BHV, Printemps Hausman (Paris)
Shows with the «Boogie Lockers» , «Un point c’est tout», «Black, Blanc Beur» (Europe)

2010 Juste Debout Worldwide Tour 2010 (13 events)
Eurobattle 2010 (Portugal)
Battle Stylez (Germany)
R16 France
Roots Greece
2009 UK Championships 09 (U.K.)
What Da Funk Hong Kong
What Da Funk Canada S.A.D.E. (Finland)
2007-2008 UK Championships 07 & 08 (U.K.)
Keep On Dancing (China)
Freestyle Maroc
Best of the Best (Kansas City)
Who’s Who (France)
I’m the One (Italy)
Roots (Germany)
2005-2006 Hip-hop Dance Awards (France)
Old School Night v.8 (Japan)
UK Championships (U.K.)
Freestyle Session (Japan)
2002             Original B Boy Contest (France)
Battle Trace TV (french television)
L’esprit du Cercle (french television)

Courses / Conferences
1998-2010 France, Cyprus, Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Malaisia, Maroco, China, Chile, Switzerland, Holland, Fin- land, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech, Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece.