Height: 5'4"
Bust: 32"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 33"
Shoes (UK): 5 UK
Dress Size (UK): 6-8 UK
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Hip Hop
Fashion Styling


Lip Sync Battle UK                                                       Dancer                                        Chor: Richard Marcel (UK)
‘One Day I’ll Fly Away by Vaults Music Video        Dancer                                        Chor/Dir: Alexandra Green (UK)
for John Lewis Christmas Album 2016
WINTER by VOCES8 Music Video                           Dancer – Principle                     Dir: KevinandRoy (UK)
Jaguar Global Motorsports X GORILLAZ                  ‘Noodle‘                                      Dir: Jamie Hewlett – Passion Pictures (UK)
‘Alibi’ by Dana Jade Music Video                               ‘Enemy 1‘                                       Dir: Mark Donne – Brass Moustache
Films (UK)
‘Love Wins’ by Dashni                                                 Dancer – Principle                     Chor: Travis Robinson – Rumble Productions (UK)
‘Lordly’ by Feder Music Video                                    Dancer – Principle                     Chor: Alexandra Green (UK)
‘Sirens’ by Jeen Music Video                                       Dancer – Principle                     Biscuit Filmworks (UK)
‘Shooting Star’ by Katja Music Video                        Dancer – Featured                     Chor: Jeremiah Neil (USA)
‘I’m Searching Tinder‘ Parody Music Video            Dancer – Featured                     Chor: Matt Cady (USA)
Channel 9 Australia – Psy ’Gangnam Style’              Dancer                                        Chor: Psy (Korea)
International Guest Performance
X Factor Australia – Psy ‘Gangnam Style’                  Dancer                                        Chor: Psy (Korea)
International Guest Performance

The Box Soho | Theatre of Varieties                         Dancer – Swing                          Chor: Busola Peters, Sophie Apollonia (UK)
‘Menagerie’ House of Kittens                                     Dancer                                        Chor: Sophie Cohen (UK)
W Hotel London                                                           Dancer                                        (UK)
MAGABU Summer Launch                                       Dancer                                        Chor: Georgie Serino (UK)
Drama Nightclub – Hilton Park Lane                        Dancer                                        (UK)
Love & Liquor                                                               Dancer                                        (UK)
Electric Circus Music Festival                                                      Dancer                                        Chor: Bree Kent (AU)
Chinese New Year Festival Launch                          Dancer                                        Chor: Virginia Ferris (AU)
& Media Launch
Robots Unrivalled – Contiki Tours                              Dancer                                        Chor: Ame Delves (AU)
Hair Expo                                                                       Dancer/Model                          Chor: Ame Delves (AU)
Carnival Choreographers’ Ball                                   Dancer                                        Chor: Kristin Lorello (USA)
Jodie Joy presents ‘Cabaret & Sauce        ‘                 Choreography/Dancer            Chor: Emily Yuen/Sophie Gospodarczik (AU)
Lady L at The Imperial                                                Dancer                                        Chor: Sarah Stollery (AU)
‘ASHE’ LOcREaDO Dance Company                       Dancer – Principle                     Chor: Loredo Malcolm (AU)
Rhythm of Culture                                                                         Dancer                                        Chor: Warren Roma (AU)
– Paulini Guest Performance
Industry                                                                         Dancer                                        Chor: Marko Panzic (AU)
– Prinnie Stevens Guest Performance
‘Body Language‘                                                           Dancer                                        Chor: Loredo Malcolm (AU)
LOcREaDO Dance Company
Marquee Nightclub Sydney                                        Dancer                                        (AU)
BITCH Recovery Mardi Gras                                     Dancer                                        Chor: Rosa Aguis (AU)
‘Infinity’ Magnum Ice-cream Launch                      Choreography/Dancer            Chor: Emily Yuen/Sophie Gospodarczik (AU)
Lord Mayor’s Picnic NYE                                            Choreography/Dancer            Chor: Emily Yuen (AU)
Lady Gaga Monsters’ Hall                                           Dancer                                        Chor: Michael Boyd (AU)
Preshow Performance

Otis ‘Made to Move You’ Campaign                         Featured                                     Otis
SK-II TVC                                                                      Featured                                     Heckler
‘Serious Angus Burger’ TVC                                       Featured Extra                           McDonald’s
Pepsi ‘Next’ TVC                                                          Dancer/Featured Extra           Pepsi Co

Urban Dance Centre
Sydney Dance Company
Capital Performance Studios
Movement Lifestyle